NJ Wedding Ceremony 
Reverend Anthony Cavallo


How long is the average ceremony?   While every ceremony is different, the average is about 20 minutes to a half hour.

Can we write our own vows, or have our love story included?      Of course! I encourage my couples to help me personalize the ceremony.

Do you automatically stay for the reception?   No, I would never invite myself to anyone's wedding.  On occasion if a couple invites me and my schedule permits , My wife or assistant and I would love to attend.

Where can we get married?  It is legal for me to marry a couple anyplace in NJ. A beach, Backyard, living room, A Park, A Church, A Banquet hall. My Office, basically anyplace.

What do you wear?   I normally wear a suit with a white stole, or a White Ministers Robe. Its the couples choice.

I have been married before I that a problem? No it isn't. As long as you have a valid divorce and can obtain a marriage license we are ok.

We don't want a reception or big party, we just want to make it legal, Can you do that?  Yes, I marry many couples a year here in my office.

I/we have children that we would like included can we do that? Of course. I have a few options to include and honor the children.

Do you require Premarital counseling?  No. I am a certified Premarital counselor and have a great program, But its not required.

Do you come to the rehearsal?  A day of rehearsal is included in every package. Most halls are not doing a separate day rehearsal anymore as it is very quick and can be easily done before the guests arrive. But if needed I can come on a separate day for a small fee.

How far in advance do I need to book you?   There is no easy answer. I have wedding booked a year and a half in advance, and I have had a couple call 3 weeks in advance and luckily I had the date open. I perform about 75 to 100 or so weddings a year, so if you want a specific date book as far in advance as you can.
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